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TOP Details

No more tests will be given for AY 2012-2013. Registration for the next TOP administration will open in late August. Please check back at our website in August for more information.


The TOP is administered four times a year. Check the registration website for upcoming dates and times.  Please read about task details and preparation advice prior to your test date. 

Students must be on time for the exam.  Late students will not be allowed to take the TOP and will be reported as a 'no-show.'  Please allow enough time to come to campus and find the testing center. Students who do not come or cancel by email 48 hours prior to the test time, will need to pay a $50 no-show fee before they are allowed to retake the exam.

For more detailed information on the exam dates projected for this academic year, please click here

To change the date or time of a scheduled exam, visit the Verify/ Reschedule/ Cancel Exam Appointment website. You may change your exam or cancel your exam up to 48 hours prior to the exam time.


Administration III: 270 Powell Library (Instructional Media Lab).

*Please note: The exam locations are NOT at the TOP office.  Only if you have questions or an appointment to meet with a TOP Coordinator should you go to the TOP office in 190 Powell.

How Much

The TOP is free to students the 1st and 2nd time they take it.  For the 3rd and subsequent times, the cost is $50 per exam.  If a student registers for the exam but does not come on time, or does not cancel 48 hours in advance, the student is required to pay a $50 penalty fee by check before they are allowed to take the exam the next time.  All checks should be made payable to: UC Regents.

Read the links below for important information:

  1. Task Details and Preparation Advice
  2. Scoring
  3. FAQ
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