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TOP - Exam Information for Departments and University Personnel

All  graduate students at UCLA who are non-US citizens, and who wish to be TA's must first take the TOP, with no exceptions. If a student does not take, or does not pass the TOP by the quarter preceding his/her expected TA assignment (or in the case of Fall quarter, the September administration), he/she will not be allowed to TA under any circumstances.


  • A student's first test (and second if necessary) is free.

  • Third and subsequent tests are $50.

  • Departments may choose to pay this fee at their discretion.

  • The fee helps cover the cost of rating additional exams and encourages students to seek help with improving their oral English skills.

Specially Scheduled Exams

  • There will be no specially scheduled exams because of

  • The labor-intensive nature of scheduling and staffing the exam

  • The difficulty of finding suitable classrooms on short notice. 

No-shows and Cancellations

  • $50 no-show fee is imposed if  a test is not cancelled at least 48 hours beforehand. 

  • Students must pay the $50 fee before taking the exam the next time.

  • In such a case, students should come to their next scheduled exam with a $50 check payable to UC Regents.

  • Departments may pay this fee for the student at their discretion.

Test Scores

  • Scores are available within 3 business days after the test.

  • They are sent by e-mail to the department SAO or MSO already designated to receive scores.

  • Students receive their results shortly thereafter by e-mail.

Oral Skills Requirement

  • Oral Skills Courses that satisfy the Marginal Pass category

  • Students satisfy their Oral Skills requirement by successfully enrolling in and completing any of the oral skills courses (listed in above link) either before their TAship or concurrently with their TAship. 

  • It is STRONGLY encouraged that students take advantage of counseling sessions provided after their test to learn more about how to improve their skills for the classroom.


TOP Contact Information

Soyeon Kim and Jesse O'Dell

TOP Program Coordinators

(310) 825-3106 (campus extension 53106)

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