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Departmental TA Training and the TAC Program

Departmental TA Training Seminars

The particular format of the TA training course varies since it is tailored to the needs of each department. In most departments, this seminar carries the number 495 and is required of all new TAs. Most often, an experienced graduate student holding the title of a TA Consultant (TAC) teaches this course, but in some departments a faculty member teaches the course and the TAC assists. TAs enrolled in these seminars will often practice teaching in microteaching sessions, discuss pedagogical strategies, hear advice from experienced TAs, and learn about departmental procedures and guidelines. They learn about teaching techniques that are specific to teaching in their discipline as well as general principles of good teaching.

Currently, more than 40 UCLA departments offer a TAC position supported by OID. For more information about the application process

  • interested departments click here.
  • potential TACs click here.

TAC Program

The OID TA Training Program is involved with the support and training of all TACs. The training of TACs is delivered through a quarter long TAC Central Seminar offered in fall quarter that guides them in developing department specific seminars.

The following links will give you more information about the Teaching Assistant Consultants Program:

TAC Seminar Overview

Responsibilities of a TAC



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