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Some Recent Projects

Instructional Projects

Global Access Program
The Global Access Program (GAP) at the UCLA Anderson School of Management matches students in the Fully-Employed MBA (FEMBA) Program with existing international technology companies to develop a comprehensive business strategy.

Italian Dialogs
Vignettes teach elementary Italian dialogue. Streamed online via Interactive Multimedia Education at a Distance (IMED).

The Culture of Jazz Aesthetics
Highlights from "The Culture of Jazz Aesthetics" course at UCLA, featuring guests and hosted by Professors Alessandro Duranti and Kenny Burrell.  Broadcast on UCTV.

UCLA Faculty Research Lectures

Unveiling a Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way
Professor Ghez's research has demonstrated the existence of a supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy, with a mass more than four million times that of our sun.  Streamed via WebCast and also broadcast on UCTV.

The Passion of the Permease: From Membrane to Molecule to a Mechanism of Active Transport
H. Ronald Kaback is internationally known for his important and influential contributions to the field of membrane biochemistry. Streamed via WebCast and also broadcast on UCTV.

UCLA Events

UCLA College Awards Dinner
For over  12 years we have produced video segments highlight outstanding students and donors as part of the College's annual event.

20th Anniversary of UCLA Vanpool
A tribute to UCLA's vanpool program and it's members.

Professional Production

Femoral Head/Neck Chondro-Osteoplasty
A new surgical treatment for hip impingements was documented in the operating rooms of Santa Monica-UCLA Hospital and in the radiographic labs at UCLA Medical Center. Originally produced as a conference presentation, the video is now distributed as a teahing video.

Prostate Cancer in California
The IMPACT program provides high quality, free prostate cancer treatment to Californian men with little or no health insurance. Currently IMPACT has over 600 contracted health care providers statewide.

Summer's Different at UCLA
UCLA's summer institutes and special programs bring the richness of UCLA’s commitment to academics and community involvement in new and exciting formats.

To view on-line versions of some of our past projects, please visit the IMP Archives.

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