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EIP Test Scoring Service

EIP provides a variety of test scoring services that are available to all UCLA Instructors. The overall goal of the test scoring service is to provide an efficient and accurate means of grading multiple-choice exams that will effectively generate reports to suit the instructor's needs. Such reports should be used by instructors to improve the testing process itself.

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NEW!  Test Scoring Service Appointment Request
You may click here to submit a request for a Test Scoring Service appointment.


We recommend calling our office to schedule a Test Scoring Service appointment as it is faster and easier.  The advantage of using the online request form over sending an e-mail is that you will be prompted to give us all the necessary details in order to schedule your appointment.


Always try to schedule your final exam scoring appointments early.  Our busiest time is always finals week, and often we have such a great demand for our service that appointments overflow into the following week.


Appointment Instructions

  • All test scoring appointments must be scheduled at least two working days in advance.
  • The IDENTIFICATION # field is a REQUIRED field on student response sheets.
  • If more than one answer key is used, answer sheets must be separated by answer key.
  • No tests are to be left unattended.  Please be prepared to wait 15 - 20 minutes for processing.


Data Files

For instructions on how to import Test Scoring Service data files into Excel please visit our webpage Data File Instructions

For more information on using our files with Gradebook, please visit our webpage

Downloadable Forms and Information

You may download or print the following documents by clicking on the links:

The Cover sheet for scoring appointments is available as a FILLABLE PDF document.  You may fill in fields and use the checkboxes and save it for repeated use.  Please print this and bring to your appointment, or fill it out in person: TSS Check-in Details Form

Guides for understanding how to read our standard set of reports:

Individual Test Results

Individual Item Response

Item Analysis

Absolute Frequency Distribution

Test Score Distribution

Test Scoring Glossary of Terms

Policies and Instructions listed on this page below: Policies & Instructions

Test Scoring Service Policies and Instructions


1.  All scoring appointments must be made two business days in advance.  If an appointment is unable to be kept, we will re-schedule as soon as our schedule permits.  Please call us in advance to cancel.

2.  If we have made a mistake in scoring the exam, we will re-score it as soon as possible.

3.  If an exam needs to be re-scored because a question needs to have a different answer or be removed, then we will re-schedule a new appointment slot as soon as our schedule permits.

4.  We will not be held responsible for items that are left overnight, left outside our office or are lost in the campus mail.  This is a score-while-you-wait service.  Please use our designated waiting room while we process your exam, which usually takes 15-20 minutes.  If for some reason an instructor or assistant is unable to stay for the duration of the test scoring, we will return exam sheets and reports by campus mail if they are not picked up by the following morning.


We require all users of the service to fill out a cover sheet when they arrive for the appointment.  This sheet provides us with contact information about the instructor or assistant and important information needed to score the exam.  On this sheet the instructor may specify which type of reports will be needed.  Both cover sheets and answer sheets may be picked up in advance at any time our office is open.  The cover sheet may be downloaded, please see below.

Answer sheets must be organized prior to the appointment as follows:
• An answer key is required for each test, version or sub-test to be scored.
• If multiple versions are to be scored they must be separated.
• All sheets need to be turned facing the same way.
• All information must be filled out in pencil.
• Name and ID number bubbles must start at the left edge of the field box.
• The ID # field is required on student response sheets, however this number does not have to be a UID.  Students who do not provide a number will be assigned one.
• There is no need to alphabetize the sheets, the scoring software can sort by alphabetical order for reports.

We currently offer a standard set of reports which you may choose any or all of:
• Individual Test Results
• Individual Item Response
• Item Analysis
• Absolute Frequency Distribution
• Test Score Distribution

Our current software does not allow for multiple correct answers.  On an answer key a question can have:
• One correct answer bubbled in
• All answers bubbled in, therefore any response counted as correct (giving the point to all students)
• No answer bubbled in, therefore the question is not counted

We do not have the capability to merge test versions at this time.  Our scanners are only able to read our specialized forms, no other answer sheets or photocopies may be used.



Evaluation of Instruction Program (EIP) Office

181 Powell Library                                        Phone: (310) 825-6939
Campus Mail Code 155805                                Fax: (310) 206-7261
Los Angeles, CA 90095                               

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Closed 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Appointment times: 9:00 AM - 12:00 noon, 1 PM - 5:00 PM


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