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Center for Educational Assessment


The Center for Educational Assessment (CEA) supports UCLA’s commitment to continuously improve undergraduate teaching and learning, and facilitates the campus’ responsiveness to new state and federal expectations for documenting educational effectiveness. In this context, CEA provides comprehensive institutional support to help faculty identify workable assessment strategies that facilitate the development of academic programs, quality of instruction, student learning, internal and external grant funding, and research publications. Core to CEA’s mission is providing consultative support to faculty as they develop and implement meaningful, sustainable assessment initiatives to evaluate educational programs and the university experience more broadly.

Working in close partnership with Academic Senate agencies, campus administrators, institutional research colleagues, CEA affiliates provide information and analyses to inform planning, program development, and policy formation for undergraduate education. Affiliates also advise the campus community on current accreditation criteria and standards for review, provide services to support instructional improvement, train graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, and maintain active research agendas that encompass current issues in higher education. Ongoing collaboration with colleagues, associations, and agencies external to the university enriches CEA’s capacity to fulfill its mission. Underlying all of CEA’s endeavors is an acknowledgement of varying philosophical and pedagogical approaches and a commitment to recognizing both the individual needs of faculty and students, as well as the collective needs of the university.

Housed within the Office of Instructional Development, CEA is composed of two units working collaboratively: Survey Research and Curricular Assessment, & Evaluation and Educational Assessment.  Leadership for each unit is provided by a director, responsible for overseeing a research agenda that helps the campus meet its assessment needs.  Each director manages a research agenda and a researcher team that include full time researcher analysts, post-doctoral scholars, graduate student researchers, administrative staff, and evaluation consultants.

Marc Levis-Fitzgerald, Ph.D.
Director, Survey Research and Curricular Assessment

The Survey Research and Curricular Assessment unit coordinates campus wide survey research to assess student satisfaction, document student learning, and provide data for UCLA’s academic program reviews coordinated by the Academic Senate. This work includes primary responsibility for developing and administering the Senior Survey to over 8,000 graduating seniors annually in the College of Letters and Science, the School of Arts and Architecture, and the School of Theater, Film, and Television.  The unit also provides ongoing assessment support for academic programs within the Division of Undergraduate Education including those in areas related to general education programs, honors education, undergraduate seminars, transfer students, community learning opportunities, and undergraduate research education. Finally, the unit collaborates with faculty across campus to develop and implement curricular assessment components of funded grant projects.

Joanne Valli-Meredith, Ph.D.
Director, Evaluation and 
Educational Assessment

The Evaluation and Educational Assessment unit is responsible for identifying and implementing best practices in evaluation of instruction to support the teaching and learning agendas of the Academic Senate, Undergraduate Council, and the Academic Senate Committee on Teaching.  In this capacity, the unit is responsible for the Evaluation of Instruction Program that processes evaluations of instructors and courses, provides test scoring services for the campus community, and is the processing unit for Los Angeles and Ventura Counties’ Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project.  The unit also works with a variety of degree and non-degree granting programs and services to facilitate assessment strategies that support instructional development in educational technology, student services, and learning communities.  Likewise, assessment support is offered to faculty requiring guidance with the assessment component of internal and external grant applications, and research publication.




















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Center for Educational Assessment
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