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Classroom Information

There are nearly two hundred General Assignment Classrooms across twenty-two buildings, and over 85% of the classrooms are installed with media equipment. For information on where a building is located, please visit the UCLA Campus Map.


Please locate a classroom by selecting its building from the menu on the left. Media-equipped classrooms will be represented with thumbnail pictures and regular classrooms will appear in a chart at the bottom of the page.

Classroom Equipment Lists

To look up classrooms by what type of equipment they have installed, please click on one of the categories below.

Data Projection and Classroom Computers

Video Playback (Both 27" TV Monitors and Installed Projectors)

35mm Slide Projection

Sound Systems (Wireless Voice Amplification and Podcasting)

Master List 


Online tutorials for specific classrooms are available on some classroom pages. Please click on your specific classroom and look for a Tutorial section to see if there are specific tutorials for that room.

Because of equipment standardization, the principles of the tutorials can often be carried across to other classrooms. Therefore, below is a list of  tutorials for the commonly requested uses of the media cabinet. To view them, you will need Adobe Flash Player. For a free download, click here.

Auditoriums and Medium-Sized Media Classrooms

Video Playback Tutorial (Separate VCR and DVD Players)

Video Playback Tutorial (Combo VCR/DVD Player)

Laptop Tutorial

Classroom PC Tutorial

Small Media Classrooms (Pulldown Media Cabinet)

Video Playback Tutorial

Laptop Tutorial

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