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Classroom Safety Orientation

What to do in case of an emergency in UCLA Classrooms

Emergencies can take all forms, from natural disasters like earthquakes to fires, floods, gas leaks, to threatened or real violence from someone with a gun or other explosive device.  

It is UCLA’s goal that all faculty, staff, and students in the College have the information they need to respond quickly and calmly during emergencies.

Each department has an emergency plan with departmental and campus contact information. The Department Manager/Building Coordinator can show you were it is. It has lots of specific information which you may wish to copy and keep with you.

Suggestions for preparing for emergencies and disasters:

      • Know what to do and what resources are available before an incident occurs, as students may look to you for direction
      • Assist in the emergency plan procedures by knowing the following:
      1. What is the exact room location (refer to room signage)
      2. Where are the exits
      3. Where is the evacuation area
      4. Where is the nearest fire extinguisher
      5. What to do if an earthquake strikes
      6. University Emergency Contact Info:
        1. Police 310-825-1491 (x51491) or 911 for Police/Fire/Ambulance
      • Share the information with students by making a short announcement on the first day of class and use the Faculty/TA Emergency Planning Check List as a guide
      • Assist students in evacuating the classroom and building and assemble at the designated evacuation area, as necessary

Thinking these things through in advance can go far in helping you react appropriately and safely when an emergency occurs.

Campus Safety website: for more information such as Bruin Alert, evacuation maps, the UCLA Emergency Response Plan and other Campus Safety resources.

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