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1994-2007 CUTF Courses

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Anatomy and Cell Biology
Sex Differences in the Brain -  Elise Davis

Archaeology of Latin America: Debating Cultural Change in the Past, Present, and Future
 - Samuel Connell
Culture and Aging: An Introduction to Cultural Gerontology
- Brenda Jenike
The Evolution & Economics of Cooperation in  Humans & Other Animals
- Rebecca Frank
Home and Away: Contemporary Immigrant  Experience in the United States
- Joseph Sundeen
Improvisation, Language and Interaction
- Keith Murphy
Multicultural Entrepreneurships in Global and Translocal Contexts
- Worku Nida
Why did Europeans Conquer the World after 1500?
- Joseph Henrich

Applied Linguistics & TESL
Apes and Language
- Rachel Lagunoff
Morality, Language and Interaction
- Laurie Schick

Architecture and Urban Planning
Activism and the City
- Moira Kenney
Re-Conceptualizing Global Architecture
- Ari Seligmann

Art History
Art & Technology
- Joann Byce
From Romantic Ruin to World Heritage Site, India’s Historical Monuments and the
Unmaking and Making of a Modern Nation
- Santhi Kavuri-Bauer
Identity, Diversity and Representation in American Art in the 1980s & 1990s
- Rae Agahari
Questioning Conceptual Art
- Beth Lauritis
Representations of African-Americans in 19th Century American Art and Imagery
- Jo-Ann Morgan

Asian Languages and Cultures
20th Century Diasporic Affiliations from Asia to the U.S.
- Hijoo Son
The Collision of Technology and Culture in East Asia
- Min Suh Son
Constructing Womanhood in Modern East Asia: New Women in New Times
- Jennifer Jung-Kim
Early 20th Century Korean Poetry
- Ann Choi
Voicing and Constructing the Feminine: Gender, Writing and Representation in Modern Chinese and Asian American Literature
- Eileen Cheng


In Silico Man: Simulation of the human body in biomedical research
- Robert Rovetti


Chemistry & Biochemistry
Antioxidants and Free Radicals in Biology, Nutrition & Disease
- Jeffrey Schultz
Application of Enzymes
- Jerome-Ieronymos Zoidakis
The Colors of Life: Metals in Health, Disease and Nutrition
- Joy Goto
Symmetry and Science
- Dean J. Tantillo
Exploring Hype: Basics and Ethics of Nanotechnology
- Lisa Wesoloski
Oxygen: A Necessary Evil
- Sadaf Sehati

The Ancient Novel
- Kathryn Chew
Death, Dying, and the Dead in Ancient Rome
- Basil Dufallo
From Hemlock to Human Torches: Martyrs and Martyrdom in the Classical and Early Christian Worlds
- Jessamyn Lewis
Greek Magic and Science
- Julie Laskaris
The Roman Gladiator: Spectacular Victim or Popular Hero?
- Melissa Schons
The Urban Experience in the Ancient Roman City
- Charles McNelis

Community Health Sciences
Refugee Community Health Care
- Michele Fives

Communications Studies
Writing the President’s Words: A History of Modern Presidential Rhetoric, 1960-Present
- Marc Lewis

Comparative Literature
American Identity: Anzaldua to Malcolm X
- Lisa Palmer
King Arthur in Medieval Literature and Film
- Kristen Lee Over
Orientalism and East Asia
- Christopher Bush
Passing for and Passing Through: Narratives of Racial Passing from a Comparative Perspective
- Susan Bausch
The Terror of Gentility
- Patrick Wen


Design | Media Arts
Genetics and Culture: From Molecular Music to Transgenic Art
- Ruth West


Earth and Space Sciences
Geology & Politics of the Grand Canyon
- Melissa Giovanni

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
The Biology of Introductions and Invasions
- John Lambrinos
Emerging Infectious Diseases: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach
- Maria Diuk-Wasser
Marine Mammals: Their Conservation and Management
- Maddalena Bearzi
Restoration Ecology for the 21st Century
- Sean Anderson
Sex in the Sea: The Oddity, Ecology, & Evolution of Marine Invertebrate Life Cycles
- Shannon Erickson Lee
Sharks, Skates and Rays, Oh my! Myths and Truths of Elasmobranch Biology
- Laura Jordan
Why Be Nice? Cooperation and Conflict in the Social Lives of Animals
- Aviva Liebert
Zoos & Zoo Animals in America
- Geordie Duckler

The Economics of Auctions
- Joonsuk Lee
Environmental Regulation and Economic Integration
- Craig Mitchell
Intellectual Property Wars: The Economics of Innovation
- Carlos Ponce
Why All the Protest?: Current Issues in International Trade
- Randall Hall

What We Talk About When We Talk About School
- Elham Kazemi
Urban College Access: Critical Examinations of Policies and Interventions
- Erica Yamamura

American Culture and the Technological Sublime
- Darrin McGraw
Gay and Lesbian History in American Literature
- Norman Jones
Imagining China: Visions of Another State in Post-1965 Multiethnic American Literature
- Grace I-chun Yeh
The Modern Highway and the Image of the American West
- Lars Larson
New York, Literary Modernism and the 1920s
- Erin Templeton
“Old Mexico” and the New West: Modernism, Revolution, and American Imperialism
- Geneva Gano
Reading Pictures, Viewing Words: Text and Image from the Bayeux Tapestry to Art Spiegelman
- Jessica Brantley
Reading and Weeping: American Sentimentality and the Politics of Sympathy
- Molly Hiro
Shakespeare’s Strangers: Jews, Christians and Muslims in Renaissance Drama
- Holly Crawford Pickett

The Aesthetics of Improvisation
- Angeles Sancho-Velazquez
Country Music in Los Angeles: 1940 to the Present - Exploration of a Rural Aesthetic in Urban Settings
- Amy Corin
From a Whisper to a Scream: Music, Voice, and Limits of Coherence
- Amy Frishkey
The Global, The National and The Local in Music
- Sonia Tamar Seeman
Identity, Nationalism and Resistance in African Music
- Jeffrey Callen
Music, HIV/AIDS, and Social Change in Africa and Beyond
- Kathleen Van Buren


Film & Television
The Automobile and Road in Post-WWII America and American Film Noir
- Michael Samojlik
City Limits: The Exorbitant Urban Experience in Contemporary Cinema, 1990 to the Present
- Katherine Anne Lawrie
Film and Politics: The Hollywood-Washington Connection
- Jennifer Holt
From Aztlan to the Cyber Barrio: Visualizing Chicano Space
- Rita Gonzalez
Justice and Contemporary American Film
- Theresa Webb
Intelligent Technologies in Contemporary American Film
- Kevin Fisher
The Meaning of Race in Contemporary Television
- Daniel Bernardi
Queer Women & Hollywood
- Maria San Filippo
Reel Violence: Understanding the Social Meanings of Violence in American Film
- Bernard Cook
Representations of Women of Color in Contemporary Visual Culture
- Beretta Smith

Folklore & Mythology
Queer Folklore and Popular Culture
- Elizabeth Tarpley Adams

French & Francophone Studies
Autébiographie: Twentieth-Century French Women’s Autobiography
- Leakthina Ollier
Coming of Age and Gender Difference in 20th Century French Autobiography
- Kimberly Carter-Cram
Love in the Ancien Regime: Literature, History, & the Politics of Gender in France, 1650-1750
- Diane Duffrin
Mapping the Mother: A Multicultural Literary Approach
- Alison Rice
Paris 1900: The Other Turn of the Century
- Stacy Meeker
Visualizing Proust
- Vera Klekovkina


Landscapes of the Sierra Nevada and Adjacent Regions
- Caroline Josie Tepley
Microbes Know No Boundaries: Migration and Disease in the Modern Era
- Timothy Clary

Germanic Languages
Beyond Babel: Translating the Holocaust at Century’s End
- Zaia Alexander
Beyond Heidi: (Hi)stories of Childhood and Youth in 20th Century German Literature
and Film
- Anne Rothe
Sugar and Spice and Everthing Nice: What Makes a Girl in 1850-1930 Western Europe? - Nina Sylvester
Vienna’s Modernism: from Starbucks to Japan at the Turn of the Century
- Susanne Kelley


The Catastrophe of War: Experience and Memory -  Men, Women and Children
- Elizabeth Townsend
A History of Health and Healing in Africa
- Karen Flint
The History & Significance of the Two World Wars
- David Douglas Lee
Merchandizing the “Good Life:” American Consumerism in the 20th Century
- Lisa Jacobson
Mystic Chords of Memory: The U.S. Civil War in 20th Century Popular Culture
- Christopher Bates
Nuclear Transformations: Techno-Science, Culture & International Politics
- Katherine Nielsen
Socio-Cultural Aspects of 20th Century Technopoloes in the American West: Case Study of the Los Alamos, NM Science City
- Reynal Guillen
Women and Gender in the Middle East
- Jasamin Rostam-Kolayi


Islamic Studies
Introduction to Sufism
- Edgar Francis IV


American Law & Terrorism
- Philip Carter
Anti-Discrimination Law: Congress & the U.S. Supreme Court 1857 to Present
- Stephen Haydon
Crime and Punishment in America: Controversies in Criminal Justice
- Johanna Schiavoni
Cyberlaw: The Bill of Rights and the Internet
- Paul Ohm
The Death Penalty in American Courts and Society
- Bjorn Johnson
The Fourth Amendment: Constitutional Limitations on Policy Activity
- Rebekah Heiser
The Fourth Branch: A Look at the Evolution, Role and Legitimacy of Administrative Agencies in American Governance
- Robin Traylor
International Law, Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Policy: The Case of Torture
- Leslie Padilla
Money, Politics, and Free Speech: The Challenges of Campaign Finance Reform
- Grant Davis-Denny
Progressive Social Movements and Free Speech
- Maya Alexandri
Punishment in America
- Blanca Fromm
The Role of Lawyers in Social Movements: Public Interest Advocacy, Community Organizing and Policy Reform
- Andrew Brunsden
The Supreme Court: Policy and Personality
- Brian Hoffstadt
Trans-gressing the Law: The Transgender Challenger to Sex Laws
- Danielle Brown
The U.S. Constitution and Race Relations: Judicial Interpretation and its Consequences on Public Law and Policy Affecting Race
- Kris Song

Language Invention
- John Foreman
Nez Perce Folktales in the Context of Language & Culture
- Harold Crook


Chaos and Fractals
- William Cowieson
Communications, Codes, & Ciphers
- Corran Webster
Computability and Solvability: A Mathematical Approach
- Katherine St. John
Cover-ups, Controversies, & Conflicts in Mathematics
- Andrew Nevai-Tucker
Graph Theory and Its Applications
- Jennifer Beineke
Graph Theory and the Making of Mathmatics
- Anna Draganova
The Mathematics of Winning: An Introduction to Combinatorial Game Theory
- Brian Walter

Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
Impending Epidemics and the Evolution of Infectious Diseases
- Karen Hurst
Genetic Engineering into the 21st Century
- Brian Neil Zeiler

Tools for Expression: A Survey of the Interaction of Music and Technology
- David Kopplin

Music History
Analogues of Darkness – The Music of Film Noir
- Durrell Bowman
Film Music and “Auteur” Cinema
- Ewelina Boczkowska
Gender Politics in Opera: The Musical Representation of Women
- Beth Lorenzo
Music and Machines in the 1920s
- Erica Scheinberg
Music in 20th Century Los Angeles: Place, Race, Ethnicity and Identity
- Charles Hiroshi Garrett
Music, Machines, and Performance
- Maria Cizmic
New York City Punk Rock (1974-1979)
- Caroline Polk O’Meara
The Sound of Commitment: Music & Culture in 1930s America
- Andrew Berish
Soundz of the Underground: Issues in Contemporary Electronic Dance Music
- Dale Chapman


Near Eastern Languages & Cultures
Private Lives: Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
- Kasia Szpakowska

The History and Politics of Neuroscience and Psychology
- Bill Godsil


Doing Philosophy with Socrates
- David Ebrey
Morality, Practical Reason, and Individual Happiness
- William FitzPatrick
The Philosophy of Space, Time and Motion
- Daniel Sutherland
Philosophy XX: Imagery & Imagination
- Amy Kind
Understanding Emotion
- Larry Herzberg

Physics in the Real World
- Igor Glozman
Physics in Your Apartment
- Anthony Gopal

Policy Studies
History & Policy: A Field Studies Seminar
- Christina Gold

Political Science
Economic Crisis and Political Change in Southeast Asia: Prospects for Democracy
- Kimberly Niles
Ethnicity, Nationalism and International Politics
- Rupen Cetinyan
International Migration, Sovereignty, and the Nation-State
- Alan Kessler
The Rights of War and Peace: History and Theory of International Law from European Conquest to European Union
- Theo Christov

The Acquisition and Understanding of Expertise
- Tate Kubose
Applications of Cognitive Science to Developing Multimedia
- Merideth Gattis
Child Anxiety Disorders: Research and Intervention
- Jeffrey Wood
Child Psychopathology and Psychotherapy
- Geri Donenberg
Clinical Issues in the Psychology of Performance
- Autumn Braddock
Consciousness and the Brain: The Neuropsychology of Awareness
- Jonas Kaplan
Emotions and Helping Behavior
- Sabrina Pagano
Evolution, Psychology, and Cognitive Science
- Earl Williams
Narrative and Chronic Illness
- Nicholas Breitborde
Social Contexts of Adolescent Development
- Elisheva Gross
The Social Psychology of Stigma
- Kristin Beals
- Stacey Sinclair
Us vs. Them: Negotiating Social Identity in a Diverse Society
- Adam Fingerhut


Slavic Languages & Literatures
20th Century Women’s Literature in Russia and the West: Comparative Modes of Self-Representation
- Anindita Banerjee
Anti-Utopian Literature and the Crisis of Modernity
- Lisa Ryoko Wakamiya
Art & Politics Between the Wars: The Avant-Garde and the Authoritarian State
- Karen McCauley
The Challenge of the Avant-Garde: Art, Literature & Politics in Interwar Europe
- Holly Raynard
Russia’s Roaring Twenties: Soviet Literature, Film and Art as European Culture
- Nora Ryan

Social Welfare
Contemporary Urban American Indian Mental Health Issues
- Karina Walters
Domestic Violence: Social Policy, Service, Research, and Social Action
- Mieko Yoshihama
Images of the Poor: Understanding Poverty in Contemporary American Society
- Jennifer Mosley

A Cyber-Ethnographic Approach to Online Communities: Exploring Online Communities Through an Innovative Methodology
- Laura Robinson
Drugs and Society
- Katherine Beckett
Gender, Race, and Sexuality at Work
- Kristen Schilt
Nationalism and Ethnicity in the Modern World
- John Fox
Non-Racialism and Democratization in South Africa
- Alan Emery
The Sociology of Reproduction
- Susan Markens
Talk of the Nation: Contemporary U.S. Politics & Media Processes in Sociological Perspective
- Andrew Roth

Spanish & Portuguese
At the Borderlands of a Pan-American Boom Novel: 1960s-1990s
- Juanita Heredia
Her Self With & Without Mirrors: Twentieth Century Hispanic Women’s Self-representation
- Jasmina Arsova

The Dare to Move: Seeing Life Through the Eyes of Risk
- Adam Sugano
Making Sense of Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics
- Katherine Tranbarger


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