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Collegium of Teaching Fellows

The opportunity to develop and lead a lower division seminar through the CUTF program serves as a “capstone” to the teaching apprenticeship experience of select graduate students in departments across the UCLA campus.  The Collegium provides teaching fellows with enhanced training as they prepare for the academic job market and their role as future faculty.  Participation in the Collegium is open to advanced graduate students in all divisions of the College of Letters & Science and throughout the professional schools, with special consideration given to programs whose graduate students do not normally have the opportunity to teach their own course.

The CUTF Faculty Advisory Committee’s review of course proposals ensures that seminars are of a particularly high quality.  Specific qualities of a fellow’s course proposal such as intellectual content, originality, and likely student interest are taken into account, as well as ranking by department chairs, during the selection process.  The Advisory Committee’s criteria for reviewing course proposals also suggests that the seminar be relevant to the graduate student’s career plans and that it provide a link to the subject area of their dissertation research.

Professor Peter Kollock, a UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award winner and the former Chair of the Academic Senate Committee on Teaching, and OID’s Associate Director Dr. Kumiko Haas lead an interdisciplinary 596 seminar, based on the TA Training Program model, for all CUTF participants.  This training seminar helps CUTF instructors to further refine their course materials and pedagogical skills prior to offering their course to students.

Since the program’s inception in 1994 through the Spring of 2007, CUTF has sponsored 188 courses ranging in subjects from Art History to Urban Planning, representing 42 departments and professional schools, which span nearly the entire UCLA campus.  The 2,598 undergraduate students who have enrolled in these courses to date have benefited immensely from participating in a program that allows undergraduate students to learn from cutting-edge graduate student researchers in their respective fields in an intimate and interactive seminar environment.  The empirical evidence of student satisfaction can be found year after year in the consistently high reviews students themselves have given to CUTF courses and its instructors as confirmed by evaluations submitted to the Evaluation of Instruction Program whose scores average well above the campus-wide mean.  CUTF’s commitment to maintaining its high standards and building upon its own success is an unspoken guarantee to future participants of the program that a unique, worthwhile and rewarding learning experience awaits them.

The Nature and Benefits of Seminar Work
The lower division seminars offered through the Collegium of University Teaching Fellows are generally limited to 15 - 18 students.  The seminar limitations on enrollment numbers facilitate a close working relationship between teaching fellow and student, and permit the student to take an active role in the learning process.  Seminars typically provide a forum for group discussion of assigned readings where students are not only free, but also encouraged to participate in an active dialogue with the instructor and fellow classmates.  Furthermore, CUTF seminar students have the opportunity to define, prepare and present a research project of their own with the guidance of the teaching fellow.

These seminars complement the important basic tools that lower division students acquire through the completion of General Education requirements, and most of the seminars may be substituted for a large GE course in a particular General Education area.  Additionally, students taking part in the UCLA Honors Program will receive credit towards their Honors requirements upon successful completion of the course.
Enrollment Information

CUTF seminars are listed in the UCLA Schedule of Classes as 98T level courses.  Students will receive five units of academic credit for successful completion of a seminar unless stated otherwise.

The procedure for enrolling in a Collegium of University Teaching Fellows seminar is the same as enrolling in regular departmental offerings.  Students may enroll through UCLA’s electronic registration and records system, University Records System Access (URSA), during the regular Registration and Enrollment period
Please note:  students must have satisfied the entry-level writing requirement before enrolling in these seminars.

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