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Editing Personal Info for OID Staff (Biography)

Staff Biography User Guide

feature added to our OID staff web page to include individual biography


You now have a personal web page where you can write a short biography of yourself. You have the control to edit your own page.

  1. Click on "About Us"

  2. On the left hand column of navigational links, click on "OID Staff", and find your name, click on  "Read more about my bio ...".

  3. Find your name, and click on "Read more about my bio ...".

  4. You will be taken to your own personal page. To edit it, please click on "internal" and log into Plone with your account login name and password.

  5. Once logged in, you'll see the editing controls on top (in green color). Click on "Edit".EditingToolsInferface.jpg

  6. There are five categories: basic information, contact information, professional information, categorization, dates, ownership. and settings. Professional Information is where you enter your bio. The other categories, your information is already filled in, only go there if you want to change something.ProfessionalLink.jpg

  7. You'll see 4 sections: job title, biography, education, and websites. Any section you do not fill out, the title will not be displayed on your web page. Please disregard the "website" section.
  8. Please remember to click "Save" after you edit ANY category or your information will not be saved.


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