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Incorporating Technology into Instruction

Whether you are just beginning to incorporate technologies into your teaching, or you are a seasoned practitioner interested in learning about the newest tools and trends, OID has staff and programs to assist you.



  OID provides video and/or audio webcasting for undergraduate courses.  With 3 lecture halls fully equipped for video streaming, 37 classrooms equipped for audio podcasting, as well as by using portable equipment, OID can meet your needs in a variety of ways. Please visit the BruinCast webpage for further details.

Personal Response Systems

  Classroom Clickers, known more formally as Personal Response Systems (PRS), Classroom Response Systems (CRS), or Student Response Systems (SRS), are being used more and more across campus. Currently there are two brands being used on campus: EInstruction/Interwrite and to a lesser extent Turning Technologies. To learn more about clickers and using them in your classroom visit the clicker overview page.


Video Furnace

  Video Furnace is one of the most effective teaching resources on the UCLA campus. VF makes the videos you have placed on reserve available for students to view directly from their course website. VF has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from our students and faculty. To request Video Furnace services please call the Instructional Media Collections & Services office at  (310) 825-0755 or visit the IMCS Video Furnace FAQ for more information.


UCLA Common Collaboration and Learning Environment (CCLE)

  The UCLA Common Collaboration and Learning Environment (CCLE) supports instruction and research with a common digital environment for faculty, students and staff. Based upon the open source course management system Moodle, the CCLE is the product of a collaborative group of schools, divisions, campus departments and central units. For more information about the CCLE project at UCLA please visit the CCLE Information Site.




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