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Faculty Experiences Using Technology in Teaching

How are UCLA instructors using technology to improve instruction?

We set out to find an answer and have found, and are continuing to find, many answers. Our investigation began with an in-depth look at the pedagogical and technological elements of two course websites. Even though the disciplines and courses we chose appeared to have little in common, we found some shared goals and strategies. The Faculty Experiences Using Course Web Sites summarizes what we learned and provides a multi-media in-depth look at what two instructors are doing.

The call for nominees for the Copenhaver Award for Innovation in Teaching with Technology continues to provide an astounding picture of depth and breadth of work being done by instructors teaching undergraduate courses. As of spring 2007, 68 faculty have participated in our collection of Interviews with Faculty Teaching with Technology. We expect this number to grow as other nominees and instructors participate in this interview process.

Faculty who are interested in being interviewed about their own experiences teaching with technology are invited to send email to Michelle Lew

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