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CCLE Quiz Tool

Nancy Ezer uses the Quiz Tool portion of the UCLA Common Collaboration and Learning Environment (CCLE) to free-up class time, ease her instructor load, and maximize student learning potential.

Nancy EzerNancy Ezer

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Most instructors would agree that class time is a precious commodity. Sometimes it feels like you are running a marathon just trying to cover the points you need to make. Meet one faculty member, Nancy Ezer, who has found an extremely efficient way to cover important course materials by ‘virtually expanding’ her allotted class time. Professor Ezer accomplishes this by using UCLA’s newest course management system, the CCLE, in quite ingenious ways.

Ezer teaches first-year Hebrew. UCLA’s curriculum mandates competency goals after one year that most other universities allot two years to achieve. In this rigorous learning environment, Ezer was looking for ways to maximize student learning. That is when she hit upon the idea of an ‘e-workbook.’

“I was choking on the grammar,” Ezer explains, “I needed a more efficient way to teach.” She took years of her work and moved it online, specifically, into CCLE’s quiz tool. In the past, Ezer relied on paper and pencil to record student’s progress in basic grammar skills. The process was arduous and time-consuming, for both instructor and students. “Only 30 percent of my students took full advantage of multiple attempts to improve their grammar, and at the end of the quarter, I was inundated with papers to grade,” she recalls. Nancy estimates that now 95% of her students maximize their grammar grades online and she has simply to go to the CCLE grade book to view the results. That means no more looming piles of paper that need manual grading.

Moving material online was by no means an easy task. Professor Ezer enlisted the help of eight of her students, technical support from Ted Liu, Foreign Language IT Coordinator of the Center of Digital Humanities, and an Office of Instructional Development grant from the Committee on Instructional Improvement Programs to accomplish her vision. Even though she had material already developed over the course of several years of teaching, it still took this team over a year to make the transition to the online environment. Ezer thinks it was time well spent. “After instituting the e-workbook, I have realized 10 minutes more of precious classroom time that I can now devote to writing, reading and conversing in Hebrew,” Ezer says, grinning broadly. 

Elaine Blakeman
Instructional Designer
OID Teaching Enhancement Center

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