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Organismic Biology, Ecology, and Evolution

Quick Facts

JWatcher will run on almost any microcomputer capable of providing a Java Virtual Machine[TM] and has been tested on both Windows[TM] and Macintosh[TM] systems..

A minimum of 64Mb of free RAM and a recent CPU (Pentium II/III or G3/G4 >250mHz) for running the whole package.

JWatcher was designed to be used in association with common word processing, spreadsheet, and graphics software
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JWatcher is a powerful tool for the quantitative analysis of behaviour. It can be used to address any theoretical problem that requires a complex sequence of actions to be scored by a human observer.

JWatcher can be used simply as an event recorder which logs the time at which keys are pressed. It was designed primarily for focal sampling, in which a single subject is observed continuously. The real power of JWatcher is, however, in its analysis routines. These calculate time budgets and provide statistics about the duration of behavioural states and the intervals between them.

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