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Faculty Experiences - Cory Cunningham

Cory Cunningham - photoCORY CUNNINGHAM

Naval ROTC

Interview Topics
What matters most to you in your teaching?

How are you using technology as a tool to achieve your teaching goals?

How have your students responded to your use of technology?

What new goals do you have for using technology in teaching?

Exercises & assignments

Group projects

Information literacy


Student creativity

Student presentations
Class web site

Discussion board

Internet resources

Multimedia presentations

Online quizzes


Enhancing Students' Desire to Learn

My teaching goal is to enhance the learning of the students so that they can go out and realistically apply the concepts learned in class. Teaching should be a combination of teachers who desire to teach and explore new methods, combined with students that are eager to learn. Not all students are always motivated, that is a reality, but technology gives more methods for teachers to enhance students' desire to learn.

I utilize video shorts, Internet resources and interactive presentations. This combined with actual exercises demonstrates how you can apply principles in many situations.
  • Example: IKEA website. Used in coordination with video clips of commercials, case study info and the concept of implementing change within an industry and providing an environment for change within an organization.
  • Example: Chris Rock video clip "How not to get your a** beat by the cops." An entertaining clip which can be used to discuss the concepts of prior planning in relation to management principles discussed in class.
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I manage a class web site that provides a great deal of information: links to amplifying information, discussion areas, and quizzes to reinforce the class material. This has not changed what I teach, but rather has enable me to provide deeper substance and reinforcement. I decided that this site could be used to increase access by students to sources of information available on the class subjects. Additionally this is reinforced by having students submit useful web sites, which were then reviewed and posted as appropriate.  The  online quiz function was also helpful to give another way for students to test themselves and learn the topics better.
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These strategies have caused the teaching to pick up a notch; this requires greater preparation through technological requirements to develop and implement new technologies, but is worth the extra effort as it results in a deeper understanding of the subjects by the students. I design projects and presentations for them that must be transmitted using technology. This requires them to learn to use technology. I also allow extra credit for them to research and provide digital information that can be related to the class subjects. This information can be in the form of video clips, web sites, or any other form that can be relayed to the class. By doing this I allow and encourage diversity and creativity that grows upon itself. A specific example is the use of a Japanese motivational video to transmit the concepts of leadership to the class. In this example a  group of students used this Japanese motivational video and provided their own dialogue that explained how the characters in the video were expressing the leadership characteristics within successful organizations.
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I see that technology changes teaching. It allows you to communicate through multiple channels and to exploit student creativity in order to enhance their learning experience. The implementation of technology can add computer-based training for reinforcement to classroom teaching, as well as being an enhancing tool in the classroom.
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Oral Interview, 2003
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