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Award 2009

Recipients of the Award were selected by the Faculty Committee on Educational Technology.  Award recipients and nominees were recognized at a reception on May 13th, 2009 at the Faculty Center.

Award Recipients

John G. Riley - Photo John G. Riley, Economics, in recognition of his development of the web-based UCLA Auction House which allows students to learn the basic principles of competitive bidding by competing in an online games where they bid for a series of art objects against a computer and attempt to maximize their expected payoff.

Video interview

Timothy Tangherlini - PhotoTimothy R. Tangherlini, The Scandinavian Section in recognition of his digital approach to analyzing folklore.  He led his students through group assignments involving the use of modern mapping and timelining software to create "time maps" of folklorists and gain a greater understanding of the social and physical context of the stories.

Video interview

Nominees for the 2009 Award include

Jeffrey Louis Decker, English

Nenita Pambid Domingo, Asian Languages and Cultures

Nancy Ezer, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Juli Feigon, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Thomas W. Gillespie, Geography

Tim Groeling, Communication Studies

Rhonda Hammer, Women's Studies and Education

Raymond Knapp, Musicology

Patricia Phelps, Physiological Science

Theodore Robles, Psychology

Arlene Russell, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Michael Shin, Geography

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