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Award 2008

Recipients of the Award were selected by the Faculty Committee on Educational Technology and prior award recipients. Award recipients and nominees will be recognized at a reception May 19, 2008 at the Faculty Center.

To promote the open exchange of ideas in the use of technology in teaching, the Office of Instructional Development will, as in previous years, be interviewing all nominees for the Copenhaver Award. The interviews will be put on line as they become available.

Award Recipients

Nicolas Christou - PhotoNicolas Christou, Statistics, in recognition of his development of the suite of interactive learning materials and simulation tools available through the Statistics Online Computational Resource and used by students and researchers at UCLA and around the globe.

Video interview

Frank Krasne - PhotoFrank Krasne, Psychology and Brain Research Institute, in recognition of his development of SWIMMY, a virtual fish, to allow students to conduct virtual neurophysiology experiments and investigations.

Video interview

Otto Santa Ana - PhotoOtto Santa Ana, César Chávez Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies for his use of the footage in the Communication Studies Television News Archive to instruct courses on mass culture and mass media literacy.

Video interview

Francis Steen - Photo

Francis Steen, Communication Studies, in recognition of his development of the searchable, visually indexed Communication Studies Television News Archive.

Video interview

Nominees for the 2008 Award include:

Katsushi Arisaka - Physics and Astronomy

Jack Bishop - Ethnomusicology

Liancheng Chief - Asian Languages and Cultures

Albert Courey - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Nenita Pambid Domingo - Asian Languages and Cultures

Christopher J. Evans - Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences

Nancy Ezer - Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Rhonda Hammer - Women's Studies and Education

Erkki Huhtamo - Design | Media Arts

Susan Kresin - Slavic Languages and Literatures

Ganna Kudyma - Slavic Languages and Literatures

Laurence Lavelle - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jeffrey K. Lew - Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Yung-Ya Lin - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Marissa Lopez - English

Patricia Phelps - Physiological Science

Debra Pires - Life Sciences Core Curriculum

John Riley - Economics

Otto Santa Ana - Chicana and Chicano Studies (individual nomination)

Russell Schuh - Linguistics

Kevin Terraciano - History and Latin American Studies

Katrina Daly Thompson - Linguistics

Lothar von Falkenhausen - Art History

Pierre-Olivier Weill - Economics

Suzanne Wertheim - Anthropology

Mark Wright - Economics

Eran Zaidel - Psychology

Amy Zegart - Public Policy

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