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Award 2007

Recipients of the Award were selected by the Faculty Committee on Educational Technology and prior award recipients. Award recipients and nominees were recognized at a reception May 2, 2007 at the Faculty Center. (view photos)

To promote the open exchange of ideas in the use of technology in teaching, the Office of Educational Technology will, as last year, be interviewing all nominees for the Copenhaver Award. The interviews will be put on line as they become available.

AJudith Baca - Photoward Recipients

Judith Baca in Chicana and Chicano Studies in recognition of her development and use of an "interactive digital mural" that enables murals to reside on the Internet as well as public space for public response. Clickable sections enable the viewer to further explore the mural for such things as historical background. When viewed in a facility like the ATS Visualization Portal, the viewer can also fly or walk through the mural.

View Quicktime video interview clips.

Jeff Lewis - photoJeffrey Lewis in Political Science in recognition of his development and use of simple web-based software that uses cell phones and computers to administer game tournaments in class to help students make the connection between intuition and formal analysis. This same software is now being extended to enable instructors to administer quick pools or surveys for which students provide responses using their cell phones.
View Quicktime video interview clips.

Nominees for the 2007 Award include:

Alma Andersson - Asian Languages and Cultures

Jonathan Aurnou - Earth and Space Sciences

Jack Bishop - Ethnomusicology

Mahtash Esfandiari - Statistics

Hector O. Fattorini - Mathematics

Ralph R. Frerichs - Epidemiology

GE Cluster / Environment M1 Instructional team

    Randall Crane - Urban Planning

    Suzanne Paulson - Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciecnes

    Keith Stoltzenbach - Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Richard Vance - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Robert Goldberg - Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology

Janet Goodwin - Applied Linguistics & TESL

MarySue V. Heilemann - School of Nurshing

Jeffrey K. Lew - Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences

Lisa Parkes - Germanic Languages

Debra B. Pires - Life Sciences Core Curriculum

John G. Riley - Economics

Alvaro Sagasti - Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology

Russell G. Schuh - Linguistics

James A. Schultz - Germanic Languages

Steve Sherwood - Sociology

Timothy R. Tangherlini - Scandinavian Section

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