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Award 2006

Recipients of the Award were selected by the Faculty Committee on Educational Technology and prior award recipients. Award recipients and nominees were recognized at a reception in Spring 2006. (view photos).

To promote the open exchange of ideas in the use of technology in teaching, the Office of Educational Technology will, as last year, be interviewing all nominees for the Copenhaver Award. The interviews will be put on line as they become available.

Award Recipients

 Daniel Blumstein - photo

Daniel Blumstein in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, for his innovative work in the co-development of software that enables the collection and analysis of data on animal behavior and the use of this tool in teaching field courses. “JWatcher has revolutionized the teaching of behavioral biology either in the field or from recorded behavior, giving them experience in how behavioral biologists work and insight into how they think.” JWatcher is used all over the world in research and teaching in such diverse fields as human factors, neuroscience, comparative psychology, veterinary medicine and child development.
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Nicholas Gessler - photoNicholas Gessler in Human Complex Systems Program, for his his innovative work in teaching students “how to reason with technology.” By teaching non-technical students to develop their own software, they are able to “express their own ideas about the structure and processes of interactive systems as computer simulations” and to implement such technology in their own fields. “It hones their analytical skills by allowing them to build and experiment with synthetic systems from the bottom up.”

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Todd Presner - photo Todd Presner in Germanic Languages, for his innovative work in developing a dynamic web-based hypermedia textbook and modular mapping tool that can be used for creating a cultural history of cities and spaces. Dr. Presner has used this technology to develop “Hypermedia Berlin”, an approach that “takes cultural history to a new level by allowing students to experience the ways in which urban space helps us to perceive, understand, and interpret historical change.” The digital assets (historical photographs and maps) for Hypermedia Berlin can be searched and accessed in the UCLA digital library for use by other instructors and students.
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Arlene Russell - photo  Arlene Russell in Chemistry, for her innovative work in the co-development of Calibrated Peer Review (CPR), “an integrated set of network tools that manages the submission and evaluation of written student work, … promotes student understanding through writing and develops student critical-thinking skills through the process of evaluation and review.” Adopted by hundreds of institutions, CPR has now been used by approximately 13,000 students in 90 UCLA courses to improve their writing and reviewing skills.
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Nominees for the 2006 Copenhaver award include:
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Monica Arruda de Almeida in Political Science

Jack Bishop in Ethnomusicology

Russell Anthony Burgos in Political Science

Marianna Chodorowska-Pilch in Slavic Languages & Literatures

Alessandro Duranti in Anthropology

Bryan Ellickson in Economics

Mahtash Esfandiari in Statistics

Lisa Gerrard in Writing Programs

Robert B. Goldberg in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

Rhonda Hammer in Women's Studies

Yasmin Kafai in Education

Cheryl Kerfeld Life Science Core Curriculum

Emily Klenin in Slavic Languages & Literatures

Anna Kudyma in Slavic Languages & Literatures

Ghislaine Lydon in History

Stephen D. Mamber in Film & Television

Mark Moldwin in Earth and Space Sciences

Peter Nonacs in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Jay Phelan in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Daniel Posner in Political Science

Casey Reas in Design | Media Arts

Eric Scerri in Chemistry & Biochemistry

Russell Schuh in Linguistics

Keith D. Stolzenbach in Civil & Environmental Engineering

Jochen Stutz in Atmospheric & Oceanic Science

Kevin Terraciano in History / Latin American Studies

Chad Topaz in Mathmatics

Todd Yeates in Chemistry & Biochemistry

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