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Award 2005

Recipients of the Award were selected by the Faculty Committee on Educational Technology and prior award recipients. Award recipients and nominees were recognized at a reception in Spring 2005. (view photos)

To promote the open exchange of ideas in the use of technology in teaching, the Office of Educational Technology will, as last year, be interviewing all nominees for the Copenhaver Award. The interviews will be put on line as they become available.

Award Recipients

Bill Grisham - photo 1William Grisham in Psychology, For his innovative work in using blended instruction in Neuroscience Education. There are four integrated aspects to his work in the laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience (Psychology 116): (1) using the UCLA digital library as a repository for images of rat spinal cord neurons (2) using blended instruction to teach a laboratory course successfully (3) adding instructional metadata (SCORM) to the images to improve searching and (4) providing students with access to the UCLA digital library directly from the course website using a SCORM reader.
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William Kaiser - photo  William J. Kaiser in Electrical Engineering, For his development and instructional use of a tool, Individualized Interactive Instruction (3I), to facilitate a new level of student-instructor interaction. 3I provides real-time feedback into the instruction process, enabling the instructor to target areas of deficiency for the whole class while giving students a private mechanism to convey their understanding to the instructor.

View Quicktime video interview clips.

Dario Nardi - photo  Dario Nardi in Anthropology, For his innovative use of robots (named Truman and Olivia) to bring abstract lecture ideas to life, to help students better understand how humans and technology mutually shape each other, and to give non-technical students a positive experience with technology. His work includes the development of software and tutorials to make the programming of the robots simple for students, as well as a downloadable package and tutorial for use by other faculty.
View Quicktime video interview clips.

Nominees for the 2005 Copenhaver award include:
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Jonathan Aurnou in Earth and Space Sciences

Daniel T. Blumstein in Organismic Biology, Ecology and Evolution

Gerald Call, Joing Chen, Allison Milchanowski and Banerjee Uptal in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

Ivaylo Dinov in Statistics

Hector Fattorini in Mathematics

Gonzalo Freixes at the Anderson School Graduate School of Management

Gary Galbraith in Neuroscience

Nicholas Gessler in Human Complex Systems, Geography, Design & Media Arts

Lisa Gerrard in Writing Programs

Bruce Hayes and Kie Zuraw in Linguistics

Stephen Jacobsen in Electrical Engineering

Burglind Jungmann in Art History

Steven Kivelson in Physics

Hans Noel in Political Science

Todd Presner in Germanic Languages

Casey Reas in Design/Media Arts

Christian Roberts in Physiological Science

Jonathan Silk in Asian Languages and Cultures

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