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Award 2004

Recipients of the Award were selected by the Faculty Committee on Educational Technology and prior award recipients. Nominees were recognized at a reception April 5, 2005 at the Faculty Center. (view photos)

To promote the open exchange of ideas in the use of technology in teaching, the Office of Educational Technology will, as last year, be interviewing all nominees for the Copenhaver Award. The interviews will be put on line as they become available.

Award Recipients

Engel and Poldrack - photo Stephen Engel and Russell Poldrack in Psychology, for their innovative use of technology to enable undergraduates to design and implement research experiments using functional MRI to measure brain activity.
View Quicktime video interview clips.

Tim Groeling - photo Tim Groeling in Communication Studies/Speech, for his innovative use of technology to teach political communication theory by giving students experience using multimedia tools to research, create, analyze, and debate political advertising.
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Kim Jansma - photo Kimberly Jansma in French and Francophone Studies, for her innovative use of technology to create a broad range of multimedia modules to give students access to authentic and culturally-rich material, as well as to make these modules available through the Electronic Language Media Archive (ELMA).
View Quicktime video interview clips.

Nominees for the 2004 Copenhaver award include:
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Marjorie Bates in Chemistry

Major Michael C. Berry in Military Science

Daniel T. Blumstein in Organismic Biology, Ecology and Evolution

Nicholas Christou in Statistics

Adrian Favell in Sociology

Nicholas Gessler in Human Complex Systems, Geography, Design & Media Arts

Arch Getty in History

Robert Goldberg in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

Bill Grisham in Psychology

Steven A. Hardinger in Chemistry and Biochemistry

James Honaker in Political Science

Lynn Hunt in History

Steven Peterson in Communication Studies

Christian K. Roberts in Physiological Science

Jalil Roshandel in Political Science

Abigail Saguy in Sociology

Fredelle Spiegel in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Lisa Travis in Psychology

John Zaller in Political Science

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