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Award 2003

Award Recipients

David Kaplan in Philosophy, for transforming the teaching and learning of Logic through the development and use of inter-active learning software "Logic 2000".
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Lianna M. Johnson and John R. Merriam in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, for transforming the teaching and learning of Introductory Genetics through the development and use of a system of self-paced modules "Interactive Genetics".
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Joan Waugh in History, for transforming the teaching and learning of the Civil War and the Gilded Age through the development and use of rich websites of primary and secondary materials.
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Nominees for the 2003 Copenhaver award include:
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Tamara Addison in Psychology

Rae Agahari in Art History

Judith Baca at the César E. Chávez Center

John Bishop in Ethnomusicology

Nina Byers in Physics and Women's Studies

Cory Cunningham in Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

John Dagenais in Spanish and Portuguese

Alessandro Duranti in Anthropology

Bryan Ellickson in Economics

Mahtash Esfandiari in Statistics

Robert Fink in Musicology

Jon Fox in Sociology

Alicia Gaspar de Alba at the César E. Chávez Center

Lisa Gerrard in Writing Programs

Nicholas Gessler in the Human Complex Systems Program

L. Arch Getty in History

Robert Goldberg in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

Marjorie Goodwin in Anthropology

Tim Groeling in Communication Studies/Speech

David Halle in Sociology

Asako Hayashi in East Asian Languages and Cultures

Eric Holman in Psychology

Stephen Jacobsen in Electrical Engineering

Keith Kaiser in Philosophy

Andrew Kim in Psychology

Barbara Koremenos in Political Science

Franklin Krasne in Psychology

Lene Levy-Storms in Medicine/Geriatrics

Tamara Levitz in Musicology

Matthew Lieberman in Psychology

Karl Lisovsky in Writing Programs

Amalia Lombart in Spanish and Portuguese

Betty Luceigh
in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Sonia Maasik in Writing Programs

Ronald Mellor in History

Keith Murphy in Anthropology

Dario Nardi in Mathematics

Paul Reale in Music

Janice Reiff in History

John Riley in Economics

Jalil Roshandel in Political Science

Abigail Saguy
in Sociology

Pedro Santa-Clara at the Anderson School Graduate School of Management

David A. Smallberg in Computer Science

Jennifer Steinkamp
in Desing/Media Arts

Steve Strand in Life Sciences

Michelle Tanenbaum in French and Francophone Studies

Tim Tangherlini in Scandinavian

Terence Tao in Mathematics

Duncan Thomas in Economics

Lena Udall in Scandinavian

Abel Valenzuela
at the César E. Chávez Center

Linda Van Leuven in Sociology

Raymond Waung in Physics

John Zaller in Political Science
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