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OID Media Grant Examples

These examples illustrate some possible scenarios. If you still have questions concerning your particular case, please contact us.

A professor has analog field footage on 8mm tapes and wants it transferred to a digitial format for editing and/or inclusion in a PowerPoint presentation or course website.

This type of use is eligible for the OID Media Conversion Grant.

A professor has a finalized, edited VHS tape of their own work that she uses in her class. She would like this transferred to a DVD for convenience and future compatibility.

This type of use is eligible for the OID Media Conversion Grant

A professor has a VHS recording of a television program they taped off-the-air at some time in the past, or a hard-to-find store-bought video, or a tape obtained in another country. He would like to have the material burned to a DVD.

The OID Media Conversion Grant does not cover the transfer of copyrighted material, however OID can assist professors in obtaining that media, along with the appropriate rights for use in the classroom.
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