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Browser Tools

Certain specific types of content -- forms and "layout-intensive" documents; streaming audio and video; or interactive animation -- require a browser plug-in. We have tried to keep the number of plug-ins you will need to a minimum, but some were just too much fun to pass up!

The links below will take you to the external download source for the free viewer software.

The Fine Print
No endorsement of these products by OID or UCLA should be inferred. All support of these plug-ins is handled by their respective sources.

Download Acrobat Reader Adobe Reader (PDF)

"Portable Document Format" files preserve the look and layout of a print document, including typefaces, design elements, and illustrations. We provide application forms and documentation pages in this format. Also all of OID's printed documents are (or will soon be) available as PDF files.

The browser plug-in and viewer software is provided at no cost by Adobe.

Download RealPlayer

RealVideo / RealAudio

"Streaming" video allows you to watch digital video clips without having to wait for a huge file to download (and without having to have gobs of disk space available to hold it). The streaming player downloads only a little bit of the video file and begins playing it. It continues to download in the background while the file plays. And as soon as the player has used the video information, it throws it away, so it doesn't hog all the space on your hard drive.

A free player is available from RealNetworks, although they make it incredibly difficult to find. They also have a "Player Plus" (for which they charge). Please be sure you download the standard (or free) player, unless you specifically want the extra features offered by the plus player and are willing to pay for it.

 Download Quicktime

Quicktime Video

This is the granddaddy of all digital video and still offers some features not found elsewhere. With the advantages of streaming video, why bother with Quicktime, you may ask. The answer is video quality. If you are willing to put up with the download time and have enough disk space to hold the video files, the quality you will get is superior to the streaming video. We don't have a lot of material available in Quicktime right now. But we will add stuff when we can.

The free player is available from Apple.

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