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Community Based Learning


The UCLA Community Based Learning Program (CBL) was founded as a vehicle to bring the resources of the university, especially its faculty and students, to the under-served communities of Los Angeles. The mission of CBL is to assist youth, both teen-agers and young adults, with the transition from youth to adulthood. This includes encouraging youth to move from secondary to post-secondary education and on to meaningful careers and productive adult lives. For the past 15 years, the program has worked with partners in the community, including schools, religious institutions and community-based organizations, to provide youth development activities, job training and educational services to young people throughout the City of Los Angeles. Historically, CBL has been engaged in communities of color with young people who have limited education and work experience. An important objective of the program is to introduce young people to cultural, educational and work experiences that take them outside their immediate communities.

For additional information regarding Community Based Learning, please go here.

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