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2011 World Festival of Sacred Music


Science and Art in a Climate of Change: A Dialogue of Nations

Kaufman Hall Theater
October 13, 2011


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An interdisciplinary presentation focusing on climae change from two contrasting perspectives. The music, dance, and oratory expressions of the Pacific Islanders illustrates the cultural perspective of life on coral atolls, while the scientific lens of scholars provide their own depth and knowledge.

Performance: Te Waa mai Kiribati; Pa Laumilo, Tuvalu; Kai Te Gali Mai Nukunonu, Tokelau
Dialogue of Nations: Mary Nichols, Chair California Resources Board; Mikaele Maiava, Artistic Director, kai Te Gali Mai nukunonu, Todelau; Francis Tebau, Tour Manager, Te Waa mai Kiribati; Andrew Semeli, Group Spokesperson, Pa Laumilo, Tuvalu
Science and Art Dialogue: Paul Bunje, Director IoES Center for Climate Change Solutions; Alex Hall, Professor, Marine Diversity in the South Pacific; Paul Barber, Professor, Marine Diversity in the South Pacific; Elizabeth DeLoughrey, Professor, Pacific Islands and the Environment

This is a joint production of the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance, and Foundation for World Arts.

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