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Melinda Munroe   Anthony Eskander   Karina Garcia
Anthropology 88SA
Forget CSI: The Reality of
Forensic Anthropology
  Neurobiology 88S
Brain Fever: Bridging the Gap Between Neuroscience and Psychology
  Political Science 88SA
Never Again, Again: Looking at the Rwanda and Darfur Genocide
"...I always thought that I
might be a Professor, and
this has shown me
that I can do it..."
  "...I found myself really helping students discover what major they wanted to do, which was one of my main goals..."   "...It helps you understand
different perspectives, it helps you see different points of view..."
Joseph De Wolk   Dana Huber   Eric Yang
History 88S
Cultural History of Oakland
  Political Science 88SB
Aid to Africa: Effects from the Outside
  Anthropology 88SD
Emergence from the Secret
War: The Hmong-American
"...I realized from the first moment that this was going to be something entirely different, and way more valuable than I thought it was going to be..."   "...I was really impressed by my students, because they wanted to do as much as they could..."   "...It's so rewarding to have one of your students come back to you and say, 'I learned something from
your class'..."