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Use of a Buret Use of a Buret
Running Time: 17:23
C60: The Celestial Sphere Which Fell to Earth
Running Time: 50:00
Column Chromatography
Running Time: 15:14
Extraction Extraction
Running Time: 13:00
Fractional Distillation Fractional Distillation
Running Time: 20:00
Gas Chromatography Gas Chromatography
Running Time: 17:00
Infrared Spectroscopy Infrared Spectroscopy
Running Time: 15:32
Melting Point Determination Melting Point Determination
Running Time: 17:15
Use of a Pipet Use of a Pipet
Running Time: 14:00
Recrystalization Recrystalization
Running Time: 21:00
Safety Safety
Running Time: 19:00
Simple Distillation Simple Distillation
Running Time: 12:00
Solution Preparation Solution Preparation
Running Time: 19:13
Spectrophotometric Analysis Spectrophotometric Analysis
Running Time: 14:39
Thin Layer Chromatography
Running Time: 12:43

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