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UCTV UCLA Faculty Research

Every year since 1925, UCLA has honored its most distinguished faculty in a public forum where they present a review of their research.

Below you will find links to the streaming version of the lecture, as well as further information on each faculty member and their research.

To view the video you will need a RealPlayer plug-in for your browser. Click here for information on downloading and installing the necessary free software.


86th Faculty Research Lecture
The Discovery of Ancient Urkesh and the Question of Meaning in Archaeology
Giorgio Buccellati
Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Recorded April 27, 1999

Information about Giorgio Buccellati
Cotsen Institute of Archeology at UCLA


87th Faculty Research Lecture
Genetic Engineering in Agriculture: Super Plants for the 21st Century
Robert B. Goldberg
Professor, Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology
Recorded December 2, 1999

Information about Robert Goldberg
UCLA Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology


89th Faculty Research Lecture
Finding New Genes, Determining their Functions, and Watching their Expression in Living Individuals
Harvey R. Herschman
Crump Professor of Molecular Imaging , Departments of Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology
Recorded November 29, 2000

Information about Harvey R. Herschman
Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging
UCLA Molecular & Medical Pharmacology Department


90th Faculty Research Lecture
The Equivalent of the Right to Land, Life, and Liberty? Democracy and the Idea of a Basic Income
Carole Pateman
Professor of Political Science
Recorded April 18, 2001

Information about Carole Pateman
Department of Political Science at UCLA


91st Faculty Research Lecture
Imaging the Living Biology of Our Bodies in Health and Disease
Michael E. Phelps
Norton Simon Professor and Chair, Medical and Molecular Pharmacology
Associate Director, Laboratory of Structural Biology and Molecular Medicine
Chief, Division of Nuclear Medicine
Recorded October 9, 2001

Information about Michael E. Phelps
Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging
UCLA Molecular & Medical Pharmacology Department


93rd Faculty Research Lecture
Building the Brain: How Nerve
Connections Are Formed During Development

S. Lawrence Zipursky
Professor , Department of Biological Chemistry
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Recorded January 29, 2003

Information about S. Lawrence Zipursky
Department of Biological Chemistry


94th Faculty Research Lecture
Moche Portraits From Ancient Peru
Christopher B. Donnan
Professor of Anthropology
Recorded April 3, 2003

Information about Christopher B. Donnan
UCLA Department of Anthropology


95th Faculty Research Lecture
Unveiling a Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way
Andrea M. Ghez
Professor of Physics & Astronomy
Recorded October 30, 2003

Information about Andrea M. Ghez
UCLA Department of Physics & Astronomy


96th Faculty Research Lecture
Science and the Origins of Western Cosmopolitanism
Margaret C. Jacob
Professor, Department of History
Recorded April 15, 2004

Information about Margaret C. Jacob
UCLA Department of History


97th Faculty Research Lecture
The Passion of the Permease: From Membrane to Molecule to a Mechanism of Active Transport
H. Ronald Kaback
Department of Physiology and Department of Microbiology, Immunolgy and Molecular Genetics
Recorded October 14, 2004

Information about H. Ronald Kaback
UCLA Department of Physiology


98th Faculty Research Lecture
Is There An Author In This Text? Sidi Hamid Benengeli, Don Quijote and the Metafictional Conventions of Chivalric Romance
Carroll B. Johnson
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Recorded April 26, 2005

Information about Caroll B. Johnson
UCLA Department of Spanish and Portuguese


99th Faculty Research Lecture
The End of the Semiconductor Roadmap: The Collision of Physics, Economics and Sociology
Eli Yablonovitch
UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science
Recorded October 25, 2005

Information about Eli Yablonovitch
UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science


100th Faculty Research Lecture
A Single French Fry: The Supreme Court and the Depletion of Constitutional Law
Karen Orren
Department of Political Science
Recorded May 11, 2006

Information about Karen Orren
UCLA Department of Political Science


101st Faculty Research Lecture
Symporters: Marvelous Molecular Machines
Ernest M. Wright
Professor of Physiology
Mellinkoff Professor in Medicine
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Recorded November 02, 2006

Information about Ernest Wright
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA


102nd Faculty Research Lecture
What's Not Wrong With The Civil Legal System - And What Is
Stephen C. Yeazell
David G. Price and Dallas P. Price Professor of Law
UCLA School of Law
Recorded April 12, 2007

Information about Stephen Yeazell
UCLA School of Law


103rd Faculty Research Lecture
A Delicate Balance: Stem Cells, Cancer and the Immune Response
Owen N. Witte, M.D.
Director, Eli & Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at UCLA
Recorded November 08, 2007

Information about Owen Witte
The Eli & Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at UCLA


104th Faculty Research Lecture
Heritage Transformed
Thom Mayne
Professor, Department of Architecture
and Urban Design
Founder and Director of Design, Morphosis
Recorded April 22, 2008

Information about Thom Mayne
UCLA Architecture and Urban Design


105th Faculty Research Lecture
Observing the Origin of the Universe: A Century of Cosmology
Edward L. "Ned" Wright
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
David S. Saxon Presidential Chair in Physics

Information about Ned Wright
UCLA Department of Physics & Astronomy

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