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UCTV 21st Annual Bernard Brodie Distinguished Lecture
Talking Peace
President Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter's diplomatic and humanitarian activities have spanned the globe since the 39th president left the White House in 1980. Carter's recent participation in the turnover of the Panama Canal was merely the latest example of his leadership as a peacemaker in places such as Haiti and the Balkans, disease fighter in the developing world and homebuilder for America's poor. The Atlanta-based Carter Center, which he actively guides, conducts a wide range of humanitarian work. The former president also has been an influential voice on issues concerning faith and human rights. -- The Progress Project

Follow the links for more information on Jimmy Carter:

  • Biography from the Whitehouse page.
  • The Jimmy Carter National Historic Site includes President Carter?s residence, boyhood farm, school, and the railroad depot, which served as his campaign headquarters during the 1976 election.
  • Jimmy Carter, Jr., in 1976 became the fifth consecutive President with prior Navy service.

In his own words:

Projects and centers affiliated with Jimmy Carter:

  • Every day in countries all over the world, people live under difficult, life-threatening circumstances caused by war, disease, famine, and poverty. The non-profit Carter Center strives to relieve this suffering by advancing peace and health in neighborhoods and nations around the globe.
  • Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit, nondenominational Christian housing organization which since 1976, has built more than 100,000 houses in more than 60 countries, including some 30,000 houses across the United States.
  • The Jimmy Carter Library in Atlanta, Georgia, is part of the Presidential Library system administered by the National Archives and Records Administration, a Federal government agency.

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