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If you missed the live Webcast, don't despair! You can view a playback of the entire lecture by clicking on the Video and Audio buttons below.If you need more information on setting up your system to play RealVideo streams or want to see what other material we have available on-line, please visit our WebCast page.

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The Center for Jewish Studies
Hillel Jewish Student Center
UCLA Jewish Student Union

The Road to Peace:
A Conversation with Leah Rabin

Monday, February 22, 1999
12:00 - 1:00 PM PST

This event is part of an on-going series of live events and lectures broadcast over the Web by the UCLA Office of Instructional Development using RealVideo streaming technology.

The live RealVideo and RealAudio broadcast will start 10 minutes before the event. Until then, you can verify your player installation and Internet connection by clicking on the "video" or "audio" buttons.

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The sidebar at left explains how to prepare to view or listen to the broadcast. You should bookmark this page, so that you can return at the date and time of the live broadcast.

Live Broadcast provided by UCLA Instructional Media Production, a division of the Office of Instructional Development (OID).