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It was on September 2, 1969 that the world's first Internet connection was established on the UCLA campus, ushering in a new mode of communication that today spans the globe and touches the lives of millions worldwide. The first node of what was then known as the ARPANET was connected under the direction of Computer Science Professor Leonard Kleinrock, whose research into "packet switching" provided the technological foundation upon which the network was built.

To commemorate this historic day Prof. Kleinrock and the UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Science brought together the "four fathers of the Internet" and other visionaries to share success stories, discuss opportunities for entrepreneurs and consider the Internet's profound potential as a tool for social change.

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Albert Carnesale
Chancellor, UCLA
Frank Wazzan
Dean, UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Science
Leonard Kleinrock
Professor of Computer Science, UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Science

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Panel 1
We bring together industry leaders whose vision and subsequent technological breakthroughs contributed to building the Internet and changing the world's economy. Panel members discuss how their respective companies led the industry by creating the building blocks for today's new digital economy.

B. Kipling Hagopian - Panel Moderator
Co-Founder and Partner, Brentwood Venture Capital
Christine Hemrick
Vice President of Technology Communications, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Daniel Rosen
General Manager New Technology, Microsoft Corporation
George Vradenberg III
Senior Vice President Global and Strategy Policy, America Online, Inc.
Ronald J. Whittier
Senior Vice President and General Manager Intel Content Services, Intel Corporation

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Panel 2
Fueling the Internet frenzy in the stock market and the marketplace, these Internet entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the business opportunities that rapid technological advances have created. Panelists relate their own experiences and discuss the phenomenon of "cybergrowth".

T. Willem Mesdag - Panel Moderator
Co-Founder and Partner, Brentwood Venture Capital
David Bohnett
Founder, GeoCities
Eric A. Brewer
Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Inktomi
Sky Dayton
Founder and Chairman, EarthLink
John M. Payne
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Henry Samueli
Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Broadcom Corporation

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Panel 3
Social observers, educators and business leaders discuss the far-reaching ways the Internet influences the lives of everyday users. Topics include e-commerce, education and the evolution of a global community.

Patt Morrison - Panel Moderator
Writer and Columnist, Los Angeles Times
John Perry Barlow
Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Jeffrey Cole
Director, UCLA Center for Communication Policy
Alan C. Kay
Vice President and Disney Fellow, Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development, Inc., The Walt Disney Company
Dan Lynch
Founder, Cybercash, Inc.

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Beyond Today's Internet

The four fathers of the Internet comment on the previous three panels and point to the future as they see it. Drawing on decades of experience and pointing to developments to date, they articulate their visions for the future rollout and impact of the Internet.

Stephen Segaller - Panel Moderator
Director of News and Public Affairs, Thirteen/WNET New York
Vinton G. Cerf
Senior Vice President of Internet Architecture and Technology, MCI WorldCom, Inc.
Robert E. Kahn
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Corporation for National Research Initiatives
Leonard Kleinrock
Professor, UCLA Computer Science Department.
Lawrence G. Roberts
President and Chief Executive Officer, Packetcom

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