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COURSE RELATED General and Organic Chemistry Chemistry Series 14 programs illustrating techniques, principles and procedures used in General and Organic Chemistry. FACULTY RESEARCH LECTURES Faculty Research Lecture Is There An Author In This Text? Sidi Hamid Benengeli, Don Quijote and the Metafictional Conventions of Chivalric Romance Carroll B. Johnson, Department of Spanish and Portuguese Recorded April 26, 2005
Faculty Research Lecture The Passion of the Permease: From Membrane to Molecule to a Mechanism of Active Transport H. Ronald Kaback, Department of Physiology and the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics October 14, 2004
Faculty Research Lecture Science and the Origins of Western Cosmopolitanism Margaret C. Jacob, Department of History Recorded April 15, 2004
Faculty Research Lecture Unveiling a Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way Andrea M. Ghez, Department of Physics & Astronomy Recorded October 30, 2003
Faculty Research Lecture Moche Portraits from Ancient Peru Christopher B. Donnan, Department of Anthropology Recorded April 3, 2003
Faculty Research Lecture Building The Brain: How Nerve Connections Are Formed During Development S. Larry Zipursky, Department of Biological Chemistry Recorded January 29, 2003
Faculty Research Lecture Imaging the Living Biology of Our Bodies in Health and Disease Michael E. Phelps, Norton Simon Professor and Chair, Medical and Molecular Pharmacology Recorded October 9, 2001
Faculty Research Lecture The Equivalent of the Right to Land, Life and Liberty? Democracy and the Idea of a Basic Income Carole Pateman, Political Science Recorded April 18, 2001
Faculty Research Lecture Finding New Genes, Determining Their Functions, and Watching Their Expression in Living Individuals Harvey R. Herschman, Crump Professor of Molecular Imaging, Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology Recorded from a live webcast November. 29, 2000
Faculty Research Lecture Genetic Engineering in Agriculture: Super Plants for the 21st Century Robert B. Goldberg, Professor of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology Recorded from a live webcast December 2, 1999
Faculty Research Lecture The Discovery of Ancient Urkesh and the Question of Meaning in Archaeology Giorgio Buccellati, Department of Near Eastern Languages & Cultures; Department of History; and the Institute of Archaeology Recorded from a live webcast April 27, 1999
Faculty Research Lecture Seeing Molecules React: Computational Explorations from Cosmochemistry to Chemical Biology Kendall N. Houk, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Recorded from a live webcast November 3, 1998
SPECIAL EVENTS Albert Carnesale, Chancellor UCLA Rethinking National Security Chancellor Carnesale reviews U.S. national security policy in a post-9/11 environment, and offers his views on future directions for U.S. national security policy. Recorded from a live webcast February 28, 2002
Symposium on Mental Health and Public Policy Coping with Mental Illness and Crafting Public Policy An estimated 1.3 million adults in California have a serious mental illness. Three-quarters of a million children and adolescents have a serious emotional disturbance or mental illness. The event seeks to promote a greater understanding of mental illness and to evaluate the status of care and treatment. Recorded January 12, 2002
California Nobel Prize Centennial 2001 21st Century Pioneers of Science: Building New Frontiers of Knowledge The California Nobel Prize Centennial celebration honors Nobel Laureates living in California. UCLA's part of the celebration features Nobel Laureates introducing up and coming scientists who discuss their work. Recorded October 24, 2001
Bernard Brodie Distinguished Lecture on the Conditions of Peace Talking Peace: Jimmy Carter Recorded from a live webcast November 1, 2000
Special Event 35th Anniversary of the Internet Recorded October 29, 2004
Special Event 30th Anniversary of the Internet @ UCLA Recorded September 2, 1999
Special Event The Road to Peace: A Conversation with Leah Rabin An appearance by Leah Rabin, widow of the late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Recorded from a live webcast February 22, 1999
The Andrea L. Rich Night to Honor Teaching Each year the Office of Instructional Development, the Academic Senate Committee on Teaching, and the Graduate Division honor UCLA's distinguished teachers, lecturers and teaching assistants. The ceremonies from the last seven years are available for on-line viewing.
Townhall Meeting Proposition 5: The Tribal Gaming Initiative Our very first live webcast!
The issues discussed have long since been decided. But we like to keep this stream available just to remind ourselves how far we've come.
Recorded from the live webcast October 20, 1998 DOTT FORUMS Most recent forum Discourse on Teaching & Technology So Much Material, So Little Time: Conquering Course Content with Digital Delivery Recorded April 14, 2005
Discourse on Teaching & Technology Forums While the forums continue, beginning in Fall 2005, they are no longer webcast. An archive of previously recorded forums continues to be available.
Scholarship in a New Media Environment Series We held 5-6 forums per year before the series was retired in 2004 CONFERENCES ON TEACHING Faculty Conferences on Teaching Teaching with Technology Recorded: June 4, 1999
Faculty Conferences on Teaching What Research Tells Us About Effective Undergraduate Education Recorded May 7, 1998