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UCLA Instructional Media Production (IMP) provides on-demand webcasts of important and interesting campus events.


COMING SOON Visit our Archives for a large selection of past events. UCLA ON UCTV 2011 World Festival of Sacred Music Water is RisingMusic and Dance Amid Climate Change: Artists from the Pacific Atolls of Kiribati, Tokelau, and Tuvalu
Recorded October 15, 2011.
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UCTV is the University of California's 24-hour satellite/cable television service. It is available nationwide on DishNetwork and on many local cable systems. OTHER STREAMING AT UCLA NPI Grand Rounds and Neuorscience Programs
UCLA Center for Digital Arts UCLA Dance/Media Project (World Arts and Cultures)
Music Department Performances ARCHIVES Faculty Research Lecture The End of the Semiconductor Roadmap: The Collision of Physics, Economics and Sociology Eli Yablonovitch, UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science Recorded October 25, 2005
Faculty Research Lecture Is There An Author In This Text? Sidi Hamid Benengeli, Don Quijote and the Metafictional Conventions of Chivalric Romance Carroll B. Johnson, Department of Spanish and Portuguese Recorded April 26, 2005
Faculty Research Lecture The Passion of the Permease: From Membrane to Molecule to a Mechanism of Active Transport H. Ronald Kaback, Department of Physiology and the Department of Microbiology, Immunolgy and Molecular Genetics Recorded October 14, 2004
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Symposium on Mental Health and Puiblic Policy Coping with Mental Illness and Crafting Public Policy An estimated 1.3 million adults in California have a serious mental illness. Three-quarters of a million children and adolescents have a serious emotional disturbance or mental illness. The event seeks to promote a greater understanding of mental illness and to evaluate the status of care and treatment. Recorded January 12, 2002
icompass Seminar Jakob Nielsen: Web Usability Jakob Nielsen, PhD is a User Advocate and principal of the Nielsen Norman Group which he co-founded with Dr. Donald A. Norman (former VP of research at Apple Computer). Until 1998 he was a Sun Microsystems Distinguished Engineer. Recorded October 1, 2001
UCLA Memorial Service A Moment of Rememberence September 13, 2001
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RECENT ADDITIONS Faculty Research Lecture Perilous Crossings: Shipwrecks, Migrations and the Global Pursuit of HopeFrançoise Lionnet, Director, African Studies Center; Professor, French & Francophone Studies, Comparative Literature and Gender Studies
Recorded April 15, 2013.
The Andrea L. Rich 2012 Night To Honor Teaching29th anniversary celebrating the winners of UCLA's Distinguished Teaching Awards
Recorded November 1, 2012.
Faculty Research Lecture Hang-In and Have Smart Friends —
The Road to HIV Resistance
Roger Detels, Distinguished Professor of Epidemiology and Infectuous Diseases
Recorded November 15, 2012.
Faculty Research Lecture Kings and Knights at Play: Festive Martial Traditions in Late Medieval and Early Modern SpainTeofilo F. Ruiz, Distinguished Professor of History, Spanish and Portuguese
Recorded April 26, 2012.
Faculty Research Lecture Using Genomes to Track the Evolution of life on Earth and BeyondJames A. Lake, Distinguished Professor of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology and Human Genetics
Recorded November 3, 2011.
2011 World Festival of Sacred Music Water is RisingMusic and Dance Amid Climate Change: Artists from the Pacific Atolls of Kiribati, Tokelau, and Tuvalu
Recorded October 15, 2011.
Department of World Arts & Culture/Dance Science and Art in a Climate of Change: A Dialogue of NationsAn interdisciplinary presentation focusing on climate change from two contrasting perspectives.
Recorded October 13, 2011.
Faculty Research Lecture Who Owns Music and Why Should You Care?Anthony Seeger, Distinguished Professor of Ethnomusicology and Director of the UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive
Recorded April 5, 2011.
Faculty Research Lecture Fiat Lux: Light from Gas Bubbles, X-Rays from peeling Tape, and Fusion from CrystalsSeth J. Putterman, Professor Physics and Astronomy
Recorded November 30, 2010.
Faculty Research Lecture A Fugue and a Waltz: Performance, Technology and [Post-] Postmodern EngagementRobert S. Winter, Professor of Music, Presidential Chair in Music and interactive Arts.
Recorded April 13, 2010.
Academic Senate Legislative Assembly Meeting June 11, 2009
Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics Climate Change and the Mathematics of Sea Ice Ken Golden, Professor of Mathematics, University of Utah.
Recorded April 29, 2009.
Darwin Evolving Evolution and Adaptation in Africa Sarah Tishkoff, Departments of Biology and Genetics, University of Pennsylvania.
Recorded May 6, 2009.
Darwin Evolving Finding your Inner Fish Neil Shubin, Professor of Organismal Biology and Anatomy, University of Chicago.
Recorded April 22, 2009.
Darwin Evolving Evolution for Everyone: How Darwin's Theory Can Change the Way We Think About Our Lives David Sloan Wilson, Professor of Biology and Anthropology, Binghamton University.
Recorded February 18, 2009.
Faculty Research Lecture Aging & Rejuvination: Chemistry and Biochemistry at Work Steven G. Clarke, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry.
Recorded November 3, 2009.
Faculty Research Lecture The Buddha as a Businessman: Economics and Law in an Old Indian Religion Gregory Schopen, Professor of Asian languages and Cultures.
Recorded March 10, 2009.
Mattel UCLA NanoPediatrics Program Why NanoPediatrics? Hosted by the Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA and CNSI Recorded October 17, 2009
Faculty Research Lecture “Observing the Origin of the Universe: A Century of Progress in Cosmology” Ned Wright, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, David S. Saxon Presidential Chair in Physics.
Recorded October 28, 2008.
Faculty Research Lecture “Heritage Transformed” Thom Mayne, Professor, Department of Architecture and Urban Design, Founder and Director of Design, Morphosis.
Recorded April 22, 2008.
Celebrating Undergraduate Education Inaugural Convocation: Celebrating Undergraduate Education Welcome
Scott Waugh, Acting Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
Personal Reflection on a Lifetime of Teaching
Gene Block, Chancellor
Judith L. Smith, Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education
Recorded from a live webcast October 8, 2007.
Undergraduate Student Initiated Education USIE Student Facilitators - Spring 2007 Students reflect on their experiences in developing and teaching their own seminar
Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics Graduate Summer School: Probabilistic Models of Cognition: The Mathematics of Mind The UCLA Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics presents a three week symposium involving leaders from Cognitive Science and experts from Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics, who are interested in making bridges to Cognitive Science. Recorded July 09-25, 2007.
Faculty Research Lecture “What's Not Wrong With The Civil Legal System - And What Is” Stephen C. Yeazell, David G. Price and Dallas P. Price Professor of Law
UCLA School of Law
Recorded April 12, 2007.
The Center for Translational Research to Enhance Cognitive Control (TRECC) Contemporary Perspectives in Treatment Development: Cognitive Control in Childhood Disorders A conference. Recorded March 9, 2007
UCLA Science Faculty Research Colloquium Structure and Randomness in the Prime Numbers Terence Tao, Professor of Mathematics. Recorded January 17, 2007
UCLA Center for Occupational and Environmental Health Fall 2006 Seminar Series A series of weekly seminars recorded between October 5, 2006 and December 14, 2006.
UCLA Center for Society and Genetics Stem Cells: Promise and Peril in Regenerative Medicine Hosted by the UCLA Center for Society and Genetics Recorded February 3-5, 2006
BruinTech Seminar MySpace — Scary Place Recorded April 25, 2006
UCLA Staff Assembly A Tribute to Chancellor Carnesale Part of a live event on April 18, 2006
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Faculty Research Lecture “Symporters: Marvelous Molecular Machines” Ernest M. Wright, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Recorded November 2, 2006.
Faculty Research Lecture “A Single French Fry”: The Supreme Court and the Depletion of Constitutional Law Karen Orren, Department of Political Science Recorded May 11, 2006.
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Albert Carnesale, Chancellor UCLA Rethinking National Security Chancellor Carnesale reviews U.S. national security policy in a post-9/11 environment, and offers his views on future directions for U.S. national security policy. Recorded from a live webcast February 28, 2002
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NeuroEngineering at UCLA
NeuroEngineering: A Marriage for the New Millennium NeuroEngineering: Projects for Your Lab Istvan Mody, PhD, Professor, UCLA Department of Neurology Recorded October 4, 2000
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